May 3, 2018


Although women make up 46 percent of the advertising industry, they only account for 11 percent of creative directors. Ladies, Wine & Design is initiated by Jessica Walsh to help change this and to empower creative women by offering mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks and creative meet-ups. 

Last Thursday Ladies, Guys, Wine & Design x Adidas took place in Amsterdam at Studio 545 with great speakers that shared their stories and perspectives on leadership and mentorship. ''A modern leader is someone who listens, who looks around and motivates employees to go in the best direction. Most importantly, a leader should take responsibility. If a mistake is made within your team by one of your team members, it is a responsibility for the ''leader'' to take,'' says Jeannette Zuurbier, Managing partner at Solar Initiative. Nick Cline, Director Brand Design at ADIDAS emphasized that a leader should work as hard as the rest. ''Get dirty, don't be a dick and don't let anyone do something you wouldn't do yourself''.

An inspiring evening closed off with the conclusion that if you want to realize personal and professional growth, you should try to be vulnerable and ask for help and guidance. People are always willing to help and to give advice.